Greentech Solution

Formed Paper – Retail Hanger´s

– is the result of an innovation project run by EKOLIGENS AB in collaboration with the Swedish fashion industry and the Swedish forest and pulp industries in order to develop climate smart, biosustainable retail hangers & product carriers with minimal environmental impact and powerful opportunities as branding tools.

Ekoligens Factory

About us

Development of climate smart material and products with strong sustainable business and brand values.

Consumer groups of today and tomorrow look beyond a product’s first impression and take an interest in the brand’s environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain. These consumers are becoming increasingly value–driven and are looking for genuine, sustainable consumer alternatives.

The millennial generation is now an immensely important target group for all brand owners and will constitute of 47% of the labour force in the European economies by the year 2025. They see themselves as environmentally aware without necessarily wanting to reduce consumption; but they do want brand owners to help them consume smarter, i.e. produce less waste and recycle more.

Brand’s and retailer’s response to this will attract strong customer loyalty and sales opportunities among future consumer groups.

The Challenge

Apparel retail’s most challenging waste stream – Plastic hangers”*

Garments produced per year globally150 billion
150 billion

*According to an in depth study conducted by RILA, (Retail Industry Leaders Association), in 2018.


The fashion industry produces 150 billion garments per year globally, the lion’s share of which are hung on fossil-based plastic hangers, made to be disposable. Garment hangers are indisputably, the most commonly occurring utility article, all categories. There are hundreds of thousands retail stores across the globe, each with recycling services that can differ by region and other variables. Some stores have waste collection managed through the landlord, while others have local haulers or contractors that collect waste. This fragmentation limits the ability to recycle one of apparel retail’s most challenging waste streams – plastic hangers.


Imagine the perfect retail hanger, one that fulfills the needs of the store, the customer, and the planet. A hanger that looks great when displaying garments and can be easily recycled after it is used. Imagine a hanger that will solve one of mall retailers’ most difficult sustainability challenges

The solution

The World’s first method to 3D-form cellulose for the retail sector.

Renewable and bio-based raw materials100%

Sustainable source

Provided that forests are managed sustainably, they are able to provide an infinite source of carbon-neutral raw material. FSC certified cardboard and paper-based products gives unique opportunities to replace single use plastic products in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.

Green production technology

The production technology allows 3-D forming of unprocessed, dry cellulose using pressure/heat, which produces goods from 100% renewable, bio-based raw materials, clean/CO2–efficient production and efficient recycling for existing paper recycling systems.

Greentech Solution

Key benefits

100% Sustainable prelife

100% Sustainable afterlife

100% plastic & pfas free

Helping combat global warming


Formed Paper – Retail Hanger´s

Hanger Body: 100% recyclable Cardboard/Paper
Metalwork: Recycled Steel where possible
Branding option: Print
Made in: Sweden

Weight capacity: 15 Kg
Steam resistance: Yes
LCA: Yes

Plastic & PFAS free: Yes
Biodegradable: Yes
Compostable: Yes